BIOGRAPHY: Based in Melbourne Australia, freelance artist Kris Hithgoda's creative work spans across many genres. Genres of particular focus are music, fine art, photography, high-end retouching, marketing, advertising, photographic restoration, graphic design, product development, fashion, luxury artisan goods manufacture & haute parfumerie.


PHILOSOPHY:  Imagine a world without creative expression & creative contribution...

I have created Kris-Hithgoda.com not only to create a space to showcase  my own creative body of work but also a space where I can introduce other  local, national & international artists that inspire and continue to contribute to the world's flavour.


This site is dedicated to all the musicians, poets, writers, culinary masters, stylists, gardeners / landscapers, visual artists, photographers, perfumers, actors,  dancers,  artisans, performers, philosophers & designers who's imaginations, and creativity continue to make what could otherwise be a mundane world, something to enjoy, revel in & to be inspired by.